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Paranoia and the requisite Civ rant.

I know what I dislike most about being home on a weekend is the weird feeling that I'm missing everything. In the past, that was sort of what was happening. People would go out and do tings and not think to invite me. This is why Fox and I became the people wranglers, of a sort. We make the calls most often, organize the parties, gather peoples etc. etc. It's like management for social lives. In that sense, it's kind of twisted.

So, I'm home alone which is nice. Civ 4 crashed on me without warning so I think I lost a dozen turns. Either way, the game is awesome . However, I'm torn between generating religion or artistic culture. I've founded three religions in the game, with my state religion being Confucianism. But I've run into a wall where all the nifty things I have left to build are artistic related culture generators rather than religious generators. Sadly, I learned that a city can only build two national wonders after building a huge artistic culture boost in my capital... which is also the founding city for Islam (yeah, it's weird but don't ask). So, I think I've been terribly unfocused in my cultural development.

Up until the 1100's I'd been consistently converting the Germans, the Greeks and the Persians over. Then I started exploring the oceans and found the remaining civilizations (minus 1), all of which are Jews. Culture clash (by the way, Napoleon is a prick). I was sending a great prophet over to convert the.. jewish Arabs and the jewish Malinese... yeah, weird... when i crashed. I'm hoping I didn't lose some of those turns with an auto save.

But, I think I'm kind of screwed for a while, at least until I decided to conquer the Germans (three cities, trailing me by 1000 points) to get some more territory. I didn't expand nearly quickly enough and am now fenced in my the other cultures plus the only other continent is similarly divided between the Malinese, Arabs and French... with one civilization unaccounted for likely on some tiny continent in the corner of the map. What I wish I could do was drop a city behind them and enclose their cultural expansion. As of now, they are being slowly gobbled by my cultural borders but dropping another city into which I could pump cultural generators would give me a "civil" way to take them over, thereby avoiding black marks on my foreign relations. :) At least then I could divide half my cities into religious generators and half into cultural expansion. It's war with art. Very cool stuff.

I'm pissed that it gets choppy. Wonder videos kill my performance for NO GOOD REASON. Unless I alt+tab out of the game and back in, the game play stays choppy after a video. It sucks since my computer can handle any other 3d game JUST FINE. Is Civ 4 somehow more intense on my computer than, say, City of Heroes or The Sims2? I really doubt it. I blame Napoleon.

Regardless of all that, I'm enjoying my weekend so far. graydancer is sort of having his Rope and Grope today... but it's more of a "clean my burnt room" party then we'll tie each other up. Now, I don't know this person well enough to both WANT to and be COMFORTABLE with helping him clean/drywall/rebuild a bedroom. It's like asking someone you just met to help you move. There is no bearing for such measures. Problematically, this delays our (mine and Fox's) entry into Madison's BDSM culture. Maybe next week at the society meeting? We'll see.

Saw Vienna Teng last night with lady_fox and chuzhuzhe. Teng is very, very good. I think I'll bu her CDs if I have funds to do so at the end of the month. It was good seeing 'Mona, as always, and I'm very glad to be able to take Fox out especially when job stress reaches crescendo.

Now, I'm off to stop thinking paranoid thoughts.


Civ4 Patch Coming Next Week
posted by Thunderfall at 11-04-2005 16:32 | comments: 9
Forum member Snackwell emailed Firaxis about a Civ4 graphics problem he has and received a quick reply from Firaxis:

I sent this onto our lead programmer and we're looking into it. Might be already fixed in a patch we are releasing next week. A lot of tweaking on the movies was done.

No specific date was mentioned.

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