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I remember whn I first played Civ I. It was in my Uncle's loft while they were oving into their new place in Berkley. I played as the Egyptians and got trounced by the Greeks - the damnable pink pieces.
Civ IV added a system for religion to it's already expansive game.

From the atricle linked:

"The game's new religion system adds seven new creeds to the game, each of which is tied to a specific technology and each of which can influence your cities' culture-producing temple structures and missionaries. However, aside from the facts that some religions become available earlier in the game than others (since they're tied to earlier technologies) and that different religions lead to a different unique building (more on that later), all religions are pretty similar. Your overriding goal, should you choose to pursue a religious path, is to have all your cities--and your rival nations' cities--subscribe to the same faith: yours."

Plus they enhanced the cultural victory scenario, including the addition of culture-generating units like artists.
I may explode from want.

Is the multiplay up to snuff?
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