The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


This and this makes me happy like ten billion!

And my father quit smoking three months ago! I'm so pleased. He's been smoking since he was in his teens (he's 56 now). I think the wheezing has started to bother him. But I won't worry about his health. I worry enough about him as it is.

A day of excellent news... even that it has only been going for about two hours.
Date with </a></b></a>ai_tree tonight, guaranteeing goodness shall be bookends to my day.
<happy sigh>
Someone shall have to sayif this is true:
Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover

You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you!
Not because you possess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter.
You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you.

You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable
Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life
By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover.

Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives.
Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours.
No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover.
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