The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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I can brim stone with the best of 'em.

Both Citrix® AND WinRunner® can burn in the fury and hellfire of 10,000 undying suns. It taunts and tests and tries my patience too much for it to be a gift from On High. They are henceforth excommunicated and condemned!

As for the alleged companion, VMWare Workstation 5.0 is relagated to purgatory for the time being pending investigation of alleged comlpicity with Citrix's terroist-like actions.

But don't think I won't cast it down to the firey depths if need be.

Don't you test me, VMWare Workstation. Don't you test me.

Evidence to prove VMWare Workstation's innocence as been reviewed. It is released from purgatory and retains its "Damn CoolTM" status.

Citrix® is hereby condemned to the 8th layer of Hell, ditch 9 which is reserved for sowers of discord. Try not to roll into ditch 10 or you may be inundated with festering pustules, buboes and pus (Oh my).
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