The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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As annoying as it is now, it'll be funny in the morning....
I'm having anxiety dreams... about MS Excel spreadsheets. Yeah. I'm having trouble letting go of this week's stress. I keep thinking I have to go to work tomorrow.

So I've been a team lead for a week now. I know the reason why I'm so stressed; no one has been able to tell me what exactly I'm supposed to be doing now. I mean, I'm supposed to be responsible for many more things but no one knows what all that is. THus, the spreadsheets. We use them to track pretty much everyting. In the dream I'm trying to find information about development, I'm looking for where to put my name on projects etc. I can't find anything. I franticaly search through sheet after sheet. What I don't understand is why I keep seeing one name, the name of our (my?) newest developer. Over and over, his name is the only recognizable. I think my (our?) other developers are there somewhere but I don't actively see their names. Regardless, dreams about spreadsheets? Oy.

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