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I fought the books and I won?

back story: at Evil's wedding, the chuppah bearers were given Barnes and Nobel gift cards. I ordered books from Barnes and using the gift card and my credit card. While checking the order before it shipped, I had to cancel a book I bought because they switched it for the incorrect book. The bill stated that they charged my gift card only $11 out of $25 which makes no sense. I emailed them adn told them they should charge all of it to the gift card.

After 7 emails and much math (and a smidgen of hate), Barnes and Nobel has refunded to me money for which I didn't ask. I'm not sure how I like the "throw money at it so it goes away" policy but I essentially get a free book out of my recent orders. Plus, they may have refilled my gift card which may mean more free books. THis shall be invsetigated this weekend.

Crazy corporations.
    Other Things: (because I'm too lazy busy lazy to properly write about these things right now)
  • </a></b></a>fox has two days in the hotel business left. (yay!)
  • The "Screw You, Hospitality Industry" drink-a-thon is at 7 on Saturday. Email me if you want more details on that.
  • </a></b></a>aetrix is OK but not sleeping after her recent near-death experience.
  • Steve K. got an LJ: leadacid
  • I have three books and Firefly DVDs waiting for me at the apatment offices.
  • Work got crazy busy and licensing is a bitch. Why did I become a TL? ;)
  • I've been emailing top management people all morning. It's weird.... AND they're responding.
  • Zombie Lurch starts at 2pm people on saturday at the Capitol! Spread the word.
  • Finally talked with Sev. It wasn't a resolving sotr of conversation but should help facilitate further talks. It was nice.
  • I still love Autumn.
  • Feel weird about calling </a></b></a>blue... well, out of the blue. Not sure if I'm allowed to do so yet, especially when she's with her primary.
  • I'm on the last belt hole on my cool black belt. I am most assuredly a 32in waist now. I'm so close to being able to call myself thin. This is what I looked like 364 days ago! Lookit them chins!
    Current images: 10/4/05 and 10/1005.

    Oh yeah, I like my ladies. They are keen.
    And graydancer has asked nifty questions about states of mind and shibari upon which I wish to expound in the near future.
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