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    Notes on Yesterday (in no particular order):
  • Yep. Chicago traffic is still terrible.
  • O'Hare is eternally under construction.
  • Stir Crazy would make a killing in Madison.
  • Taking the new job offer may kick me into a new tax bracket.
  • Avoiding I-90 from Rockford to Madison is idyllic towns and blue gill fish fries.
  • Beef jerky shouldn't be laced with that much red pepper.
  • iPods are an addiction... and I want one again.
  • Sanrio is so cute even I could collect all that shit.
  • aetrix9 shouldn't be allowed near Sanrio stores.
  • lady_fox's switch board operator was a ninny.
  • 30in Mac screens.. dude.. so hot.
  • I am not my job.
  • Aetrix's bed and window placement are perfect for under-moon sleeping.
  • Her obese neighbors are stupid amounts of loud at 5am.
  • I may be madly in love with my current state of affairs (pun intended ;))

It was a damn good day. Now, since I'll be in Beloit tonight I require some form of celebration regarding my impending jobiness, even if this just means runnnig around campus naked and full of beer.
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