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Falling Kudos

I gave myself the riddle today. It wasn't until I flipped it over, reversed the view I had, that it made sense.

"Kudos" He said.
It was like a minute explosion. It didn't lay straight, when he word situated itself upon my shelf, emblazoned red and churning spirits.
"Kudos" it remarked and fell silently dead.

His leaves were scented with rose oil, jasmine, livid with an eternity of flying without landing. Today was the first day, tinted harshly with bitters, they hit their mark. His pleasure
marked with the other's distress
faded with unexpected error.

Pages were turned passively by me.
Reminders came
that the Angles were waiting
to anoint themselves upon my shelf and make me feel more at home
than home. I pay with winter's detrius, as they all command.

Let us see how I do with this thing? :)

You: You can make me smile as frequently as you make me dumbfounded.

You: We have had many deep things but you've closed off many, and I seek few. We are still great friends.

You: I like you, but your grate on me at all the wrong times.

You: I will miss you, but we will pick up where we leave of effortlessly

You: Your intelligence is intimidating; I find you incredibly fascinating.

You: Some broken things will never be mended no matter how much we both want them. Remember the good times for if we do meet again.

You: I l really ike you. I really loathe you. I look to the good most often because our conversations can be entertaining and enlightening.

You: What are you? Who are you?

You: I can't help but like you. I didn't, nor do, know you very well.

You: Where have you gone? You're too fun to vanish.

You: You are the hypnotists watch, your voice melodic. You mind locked in one mode, but your heart open to all.

You: Don't become jaded. I love the you I know so much now. You are so wonderful you need to stay that way for us all.

You: You are nice, you are fun. You wanted to be jaded but can't help but be jovial all the time.

You: You're aloof nature is what I wanted to become, but I nly know it from your writing. We don't really know eachother otherwise.

You: You wish to become your name, but you probably won't uf you keep letting the wold get to you so much. Giddyness from you is contagious.

You: So quiet. So calm, cool, and collected. You are the eye of the storm you don't create.

You: I want to slap you so much but I like you so very much. I hope you learn to relax and let it flow some day.

You: You are what we all should want to be. You are intelligent, chill and exactly who you want to be.

You: You're cool and cute. I want to know you better as we had little chance. I wasn't really part of your group til much later.

You: I know you litte and envy your talents and dedication so much. I am happy you seem to be doing so well after many years of strife.

You: Tallest of the tall in many ways. I find it hard to get to know you because understanding you will take many, many years.

You: You are probably the best person I know, in all that being a person entails.

You: There is nothing I can say about you that you don't already know.
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