The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Operation Impending Doom Two!

I have an actual update brewing but it will require a bit of focus and work is busy busy. I was talking with deep_blue_ (amazing, ne? Apparently the best way to remain in contact is just call when she's asleep... As bad as I felt, it didn't nearly equal my enjoyment of talking with her) about sexual chemistry and intent, the way we cycle energy between two people during sexual activity. It got me thinking on a few things that I want to write out. I think I'll do that tonight while I waut for her goup thing to finish tonight. Mmm. State Street coffee shops.

Weekend was full of not sleep which turned me into a jerk. Sorry 'bout that. Things got better Sunday evening, though. Wedding was lovely. Evil is so in love with that girl. And late evening rants on the state of governmental interference are cool but make me feel stupid when I have nothing to contribute. I continue to feel dumb and uninformed.

Side note:
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