The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Only half to go.

1:01. Back to work. Still have so little to do. Need to make it stretch for 3 hours.

1:03. Mail for April's sister. Guess she's coming here.

1:05. Worked it so I didn't have to cover for Caroline. Ha. No Res Life lackey am I.

1:07. Molly is on ICQ. Geez. How do they get work done in this office over the summer?

1:13. Murphy's Law of Temp Work: When the phone rings for you, it will ring seven times all looking for info you should have but do not.

1:16. Trying to come up with a Druid name for Jon....

1:18. Johnny the swift, Master of Illusionary Numbers. Gnome Illustionist.

1:22. I wonder if I can gnaw a chunk out of the desk.

1:28. More No Doubt. Why can't I get this station on my radio? It's in a window....
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