The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

The day of amazing.

Today was the first full day of UGM. It's the one day a yaer where Epic requires us to dress business formal. As you can see, I dressed seven hells of hot today. I have gotten so many compliments and rubbernecks, from coworkers and customers alike, today that it's sad I forgot my name badge.

I, subsequently, feel fucking fantastic even though I slept 4 hours last night. I apologize for the crappy pic this morning but I was in a rush. That was the only shot I could get that was remotely woerth while. I may have had more time but it took me sx tries to get the tie to look acceptable. Due to latenes, I missed the third round of buses adn had to wait 30minutes to catch one and then another 30 through traffic. I (and others) got to the general session an hour late. Oops. :|

Epic rented the Alliant Center, the Orheum and the Overture Center. Customers went to Alliant and Overutre, Epic employees when to the Orpheum. We filled both the Orpheum and the Overture to capacity. I had to fight to find a seat. Lucky, the brightness of my hat lead me to an empty location. :)

Good day. Good day.
I'll try to get pictures tonight if the camera cooperates.

For now, I get to bitch slap a TSer. He changed code in a customer environment without written consent. It did not go through me for testing (as it should have). The IN QA deadline for changes of this nature was last month. The testing deadline was last Friday. Needless to say, he broke many, many procedures. I'm an not happy.

Oh yeah, and my UV contact ball is in Canada because UPS put it on the wrong truck.
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