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Made it to both the dance and the Shibari demonstration last night.

(Real) Dancing is fun but I'm quite terrible at it. The concept of leading is kind of odd especially when people are taught dances separately. I imagine it matters more when you're actually good at it and not trying to keep beat. Sadly, we didn't make the swing lessons and the 8pm dance was a mix of many things. Fox tried to teach me a waltz while the room was jitterbugging and marimba-ing. We left at 9 to catch the Shibari thing.

It started at 11... not 9....

The demonstration at the inferno was less demonstration and more performance piece. I spent most of the time thinking, "Dammit! I can't see the bindings he's making." It was moderately entertaining and we left after the show was done, at least the first part if there were multiple. I felt bad for keeping lady_fox out late since she had to work at 7am. As we were leaving, feodoric over heard a fw guys at the bar bitching about the sjow. One said, "least he could do was eat her out to make it worth while." Idjits. phoenix_snake retorted, when she heard about it later in the car, that she was pretty much having sex up there in the knots. Those guys had no clue.

It was pretty hot though. I enjoyed it. It was a bit of suspension work which, from seeing that, Fox and I agree that we could totally get into that. I think I undrstand how to suspend the legs because you essentially build a cradle that first supports the knee then eat part of the leg then buttress the whole joint. Think of it like trying a hammock around your bent knee. You end up suspended with the knee down and a rope structure that actually looks comfortable. It is both supporting the knee vrtically and applying pressure outward, against the knee so that there isn't any strain to the joint. The pressure and gravity are applied along the calf and thigh.

Now, suspending the torso... I got nothing yet. My current focus has only been constricting which you don't want to be the focus when suspending. The focus of suspension bondage needs to be weightlessness adn lack of control. Constriction has got to be a separate layer applied first as adding a constricting layer on top of the suspension layer could be hazardous, I think....

I think I'm developing a philosophy of Shibari for myself. I've started developing elaborate layers including all the bindings I like as well as separate, smaller layers, that can be applied for specific uses with smaller rope lengths. It's really quite engaging, this whole thing.

feodoric got me addicted to contact juggling while we were waiting for the show to start so I bought this this morning. It's going to be amazing under black light. Techno dance and glowing red globe? Hells yeah.

I'm realy amused that when Tony guy did the contact juggling on the Beloit quads, we thought he was a tool. I suppose attitude was an important factor in his case. We thought he did it to impress girls... but seeing him play in those satin gloves.. well, it profers a different impression. David Bowie he was not.

Red hat + UV red ball + techno = Teh Winz
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