The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


    Work NEWS:
  • Had ADT/Prelude/ID QA team lunch today to welcome new hire.

    1. I convinced my team to steal the Golden Flyswatter from my old team. We're going to email them next week and say they failed the "thievery" challenge we had set forth. :)
    2. New hire is cute (in the kitten-ish sort of way).
    3. Much hilarity ensued when I admitted I crashed our major testing env last month.

  • I've been complimentd numerous times this week about some of the bugs I've found.
  • Apparently many QAers I've never met know of me.
  • As far as I know HR has stopped talking about me now.

Someone make me a drunk icon. I'm out of ideas lazy.
If it blinks, moves or the like, nathan_lounge will kill you.

i know people interested in this:

The Madison Environmental Group invites you to help the environment, and possibly win prizes, by participating in the annual

Car-Free Challenge

from Thursday 9/22 through Wednesday 10/5 (two weeks total)!
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