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I hearts good nights.

Feeling way too perky for having 4.5 hours of sleep!
Morning meme!
(blame delennamachoo)

You Are A: Pony!

ponyWho doesn't love a pony? You are one of these miniature horses, renown for your beauty and desired by many. Full of grace, you are a beautiful and very special animal, full of strength and majesty.

You were almost a: Groundhog or a Puppy
You are least like a: Turtle or a ChipmunkThe Cute Animals Quiz

Found out yesterday that Graydancer(not work safe) is doing a Shibari demonstration at The Inferno tonight. I am sad to have found out so late but still happy to go to dancing with lady_fox, phoenix_snake, and feodoric. I think attempts are being made to do both.

Ohh. Neat! No cover if you show in oriental style clothing. :)
I just had to coordinate testing conversions and ppoints for two applications because my TL doesn't seem to do it (as I figured he's supposed to).

Why am I not designated a TL yet?
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