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It would seem that the writing problem has decided to jump my corpus callosum and plant itself firmly in the right hemisphere.

Against all odds I seem to have become decent at drawing; now I do not say that I am of the quality that I would wish to be - but I am far better than I remember. I was able to come up with two original characters, draw them both in multiple perspectives and not try to rip out my eyeballs when I had finished.

The final solution, it would seem, is to call my work more stylized rather than crappy. It's not that it looks bad, it's that it's rough and gritty aat the moment; this is the look I wish to employ in a webcomic, which I have been pondering since 2001, apparently. At least, that is what my hand written journals tell me. I've been trying to do comics for quite some time, but I become continually upset with the product because I have the vision; just writing is frustrating. Therefore, the solution seem to be webcomic of some sort as I can do a page by page layout - etc. etc. Conclusion: I need to get some webpage programing experience under my belt.

Furthermore, I am even more set in getting a tablet so I can draw straight onto my PC.
I'm watching "Sex in The City." I just started tearing up, for the third time today. Strange how some sentimentality gets to me so easily, especially TV and movie drama. Why do I feel embarrassed about it?
Evan is right that layers are the answer, especially when art program erasers don't leave gunk on the page that then gets scanned into the program. Much better.

Now. How much do tablets go for, to get a decent one?
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