The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Worth every goddamned penny.

I bought a suit, shirt, tie and suspenders last night.
It's getting tailored now and will be ready Sunday
Total cost: $447 (this includes a cost where all tailoring is free forevermore)

I cannot begin to describe how fantastic I look in it.
Just... wow!

Weekend is looking magnificent:
Chicken wings Friday with feodoric.
Learning to swing dance on Friday.
feodoric and phoenix_snake crashing at our place Friday - Saturday.
chuzhuzhe's drunken birthday debacle Saturday.
Purchase new bike on Sunday. (maybe)
"I see a red jeep and want to paint it black" - The Jeep Song (anti-SUV music)
I &hearts The Dresden Dolls.
Just so you all know...
Athony Stewart Head (Giles on B:TVS) really should have had Joss Whedon write all the songs for his CD.
Eurotech-pop with his voice? Such a waste...
Tags: chicken wings, lj-people
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