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Slept through the night but had intense anger dreams directed at Sev. I literally woke with clenched fist and growls at my throat around 5:45. I think latent desires are taking over my dreams, wish fulfillment you know? I didn't realize how angry I was at Sev for last evening. I think the dreams were brought to surface by conversations had with both aetrix9 and lady_fox. The former as of yet somewhat unresolved given circumstance and the latter going smoothly.

I had a cathartic conversation with lady_fox regarding last night's debacle and a few issues swirling in the midst - surprisingly I allowed it to occur over the phone as she drove to work. I normally hate conversations such as those over the phone because you completely lose body language. It worked, I believe, because it may have been an extension of an earlier conversation we were having regarding Sev, gambitlebeau, and uses of "love" within different contexts. I think just airing a few thoughts I'd been mulling over helped me relax.

Still, I don't like having any anger directed at anyone within our squirrelly and quadrangular relationship.
Some days I wish I could be wholly selfish.
Some days I wish I could loose my demons
without an intellectual check.
Confidential to everyone:
I forgot my cell at home today!
Huzzah! 23 hours until important deadline #1 and I'm finished.
Eat it, crazy micro-managing-but-"I-don't-want-to-manage-you" boss guy!
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