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Away for 6 days and only 144 emails with which to contend. Clearly, I'm not as important as I had thought. :)
More bad dreams last night, mostly anxiety realated peppered with a few symbols about this weekends issues. I find sleeplessness/bad dreams occur more frequently when sleeping alone. Hopefully Fox gets this potential job with UW... because I'm horribly selfish.
You know what sucks? Forgetting to turn on the Out Of Office Assistant in Outlook... no one got the "I'm out of the office" message I set up all last week.
Fucking idiot.
My arms are sore today; I cannot scratch my back or raise them easily above above my head.
On a funny note, I've been on my team for just over a month and I've written 30 QA notes more (91 vs 61) than the next highest person in the last two months for all three teams combined (technically I'm part of a three product group). Nice to get some happy news today.
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