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A moment of connected solitude.

In reflecting upon our trip to Vegas and Seattle, I'm trying to pick out the one experience that I like the most - the one I'm likely to remember in the future. You'd think that my favorite and most memorable moment would be the giant toilet paper storm at the end of Blue Man Group's show or the pretty brunette Skintight dancer with a dragon tattoo at the base of her spine or maybe the atrocious waiter at Burger Bar that took twenty minutes to get us our check.

My favorite memory is, in fact, leaving the Bellagio after the fountain show and walking along the strip to a small sub sandwich shop adjacent to a creepy pizza parlor. Sitting on the veranda at midnight with a bottle of overpriced water, watching people walking by, had this ineffable calmness that I really enjoyed. It may be that the very busy nights previous had taken its toll, it could be I was enjoying the quite away from lady_fox's mother and step-father, I could have just been really dehydrated... it was just really perfect.

Hundreds of people must have walked by, many incredibly drunk, many having lost hundreds of dollars, maybe they just got married by Elvis. I can't know. It is the story of Vegas, of Walking the Strip, that I shall remember most highly. A moment of connected solitude is remarkable when you connect to so many disparate stories.
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