The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Voice Post: Angrybunnyman's Drunk Dial

201K 1:03
“Angrybunnyman: Hey hey! She's chewing on me! I am drunk dialing Livejournal which is a goddam fun thing to do. i think Iri- for whatever reason wants to... er, Ladyfox, SHUTtup!

Ladyfox: I'm kinda drunk too.. not as drunk as Mr. Angrybunnyman is..

Angrybunnyman: She's just jealous. We ended up dropping... over $50 on this bartender who was freakin' amazing! and I ordered _a_ shot, and got 3 of Grey Goose, and i am really REALLY plastered. And we are at the triscano del- uh..

Ladyfox: (Inaudible)

Angrybunnyman: Shuddup! Tristano dei! and we are... I can't find the enterance! I have run out of places to turn! I have actually wa- talked to a slotmachine and could go left or right and up because it was shiny!

Ladyfox: (Inaudible)

will: ShutUP! shes talkin' at me like I know what im sayin'! and I have no idea whats goin on, but I'm going to go get some food, cause I'm hungry! And now I'll push pound and maybe this entry will actually get posted.”

Transcribed by: monkey_bait
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