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Student Activities

Good bloody morning. It is currently 9:06 am. I've been up for an hour and a half. I'm in Res. Life doing my 8hour shift at Natalies desk. I've decided that in order to keep my day interesting, I'd stealth LJ all day. I don't think John would like it if he saw it.

Hour 1: Natalie left no work list.... So, I get to fold paper and stuff envelops for 8 hours....

9:11 I hate the Song Miss Independent. Pretty obnoxious. What happened to her? I ate her.

9:16: Reading about shuttle launch problems. Apparently a bolt breaks off after jettison. When broken, the bolts weight 40lbs per half. That's a big freakin' bolt. It almost always breaks, and is next to important equipment...

9:26. Asked Chris if she knew what I was doing. The letters I'm folding are in chunks of alphabetization (is that a word?). None of which, of course, correspond to the first name I see in the box on this desk. I guess I just keep folding unwittingly, hoping I'm not making Natalie's job harder.

9:29. John said high to me.

9:32. Folding hurts my index finger. Can I get hazard pay?

9:44. Audra came in. She also has no idea what's going on with the letters and stuffing... Great, Natalie has no system. Audra and I get to hunt and peck for the correct letters to stuff.

9:46. They're not alphabatized, but ordered by Zipcode... sort of....

9:47. Wonder if they have a key stroke logger.

9:53. Went to AIM and ICQ are cross communicating now. Maybe now I can talk to Schwa

10:00. I wonder if I could play games and not be noticed?

10:01. I'm thirsty. I want to go swimming... or bowling. Maybe I can nap under the desk....

10:02. I'm doing this too quickly. Too quickly and I'll have nothing to do by like 11:00.

10:06. Hard to be funny, requires much typing. Audra too close. No funny time.

10:09. John is strangely condescending to Audra. I wonder if he likes her. He also just stole her. Damn, I was actually getting a good convo going.

10:11. I want to play an 1/2Ogre Rogue. Jonathan, Lord of Winkleman. Maybe a thief. Something with a high bluff.

10:23. Wet. Seal. Wet. Seal. Knife goes in. Guts come out. Knife goes in. Guts come out. Wet. Seal. Wet. Seal.

10:27. Sugar Ray is the King of Sell-Outs. They used to be death metal. Now.. Ultra-lite pop.

10:30. I'm a trained monkey. Look'it me juggle!

10:35. Why do I answer the phone? Audra is right next to one, and it's always for her...

10:42. My body keeps going into ultra-work mode. I get this groove and work quickly. Chris told me to work slowly, otherwise I'll run out. Gawd, I have to force myself to work slower? What's up with that?

10:48. John the Joyless, Barbarian of the Palace Winkleman.

10:49. Jonathan-Eating-Students, Auhroun Get of Fenris.

10:51. Barb is totally a Bard. Why does she sing in the morning?

10:53. Jonathan the Lawless, keeper of Secrets. Thief. Lawfun Evil.

10:55. Audra: "Do you need anything from me?" Me: "No. I'll do this(sealing, wet. seal...) and get to that(stuffing). I can get it done in an hour if you want." Audra: "No... spread it out." Me: (internal sigh) "Ok. I'll finish after lunch then get more from you." Audra: "Nah, read more news."

Why is my work ethic better than the staff?

11:02. Uncle Kracker Song. Me to Chris: It sticks in my head like Tapioca to the Ceiling." The fuck?

11:08. JohnJacobJingle, Bard of Winkleheim.

11:09. I love No Doubt.

11:16. introduces a mirror with plasma tv. I think Orwell is shaking somewhere in the afterlife.

11:17. My eyes hurt.

11:22. Must work sloooooooower......

11:23. Sir Jonathan the Dauntless, Slayer of the Dread Winkle-Beast. Can Paladins be Lawfun Evil?

11:26. Almost got caught. Mm.. Ctrl-Tab. John's Elvish name: Findecáno Carnesîr

11:28. Found

John's Tolkien Names

According to the Red Book of Westmarch,
In Middle-earth, John Winkleman was a
World-famous Gamgee

Elven Name Possibilities for John Winkleman
The root name suitable for feminine and masculine is:
Another masculine version is:
More feminine versions are:

Hobbit lad name for John Winkleman
Posco Mugworts from Standelf
Hobbit lass name for John Winkleman
Gem Mugworts from Standelf

Dwarven Name for John Winkleman
Dwalin Oakenrage
This name is for both genders.

Orkish Name for John Winkleman
Búrzbrúg the Despot
This name is for both genders.

11:34. Less than Half an hout till lunch. I'm not hungry, but the change of scenery will be good. Maybe I'll obsess less about Jonathan Winkleman, Ventrue Legacy to the Throne of Beloit.

11:38, Murphy's Law of Secretary Temp Work: The Phones will ring the second you no longer know where the other workers are.

11:42. Still working too fast.

11:45. When I miss with the Sponge on the desk the streaks look like little comets. Pretty neat....

Highlight of this hour: Gave Chris a post-it note, one of two remaining, at 11:46.

11:55. Finally gettiung hungry. Need caffeine.
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