The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

OMG! Crazy metal heads!

I got ambushed by tweaked out Metallica fans. I think they've finally grown senile. All I know is that when I woke up, I had metal stuck in my head.

Damn metal heads.

I'm happy with the ring. I'd been contemplating getting one for years, idling between the eyebrow and cartilidge. Fox and Aetrix swayed me for the brow, though Aetrix put in a vote for nipple rings.

Uh.. No. This is good.

Party was excellent last night. I was riding the right amount of alcohol and was incredibly social. While the following may be perception based on the boozin', I think I made a good impression on all of them. I know I'm being vain here but I looked good too. I even had mascara and eyeliner of which I'll get pictures next time. I even had a series of great conversations with aetrix9's ex, who while a doofus, can be a good person. He does not, however, have clue one about my relationship with her. Things may change when that gets out.

Sev spun well. Fox was cute and well dressed. Aetrix was lovely and good at shot gettin'! :) Many good people. Much good alcohol. Not nearly enough sleep. Bed at 530 on Friday and 4 on Saturday? Oops but they were my fault.. for various lascivious reasons. >:)

Just another damn good weekend in a series of damn good weekends. Also of note: I already have an inch of space in my new, 34in jeans. O_O
Life is good.
Tags: eyebrow, teh-wiminz, vanity
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