The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Three things while I wait for the damn thing to install

Bought pants that fit last night, 34x34.
My god people. So amazing.... I look so amazing.
Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. I tried on a small button up while out. It fit along my waist by my chest (in the ribcage sense, I think) was tight. It's a wholly different sort of feeling when your chest is interfering with a shirt rather than a spare tire!
<est vanituex>
A little help. Uses of sado:
Sadō - Tea Ceremony
Sado-masochism (find your own link ;p)
Not only does this person swear like a sailor, but sighs more often than Sev when depressed AND chews with his GODDAMNED MOUTH OPEN. I can fucking hear him eating from here.
Edit: I just totally bailed out an on-site implementor. She was in the middle of a presentation when her data died.
I rule.
Tags: vanity, weight, work
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