The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

A cut and life

Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley!
Have at Rich.

I have nothing to report. My life is boring. Still waiting to hear from Epic. Should be next week. Have had no job offers from anywhere. I applied to over 30 jobs in five states and I only got a hit from Epic. Either I'm screwed or, as a shaman, I may need to be in Madison if that's whatt I get.

One thing I find fun/interesting/infuriating with shamanism is that the Shaman has a few paths laid out before him. Freewill dictates the major things here and there but eventually you (the Shaman) comes to a point where all roads lead to the same place, regardless of what the Shaman wants.

It could be that Tennessee was completely wrong, or I'm not supposed to go there yet. I don't know anymore. I've been worshiping Coyote recently. When I say "worship" I mean more focusing on the concepts embodied by Coyote rather than praying (well, a little) or building shrines (though I should after all he's done for me). Coyote is wisdom, folly and the keeper of magic. In some tribes, Coyote is trickster, creator and destruction (sort of). Coyote teaches us (Shamans) to still play, to relax and just let things flow. We don't have to force what we need or want, it all comes in time.

So I'm trying just that. I'm not stressed. I'm being.
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