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I've disabled IP logging and enabled anonymous comments.

-I can't see this on my flist anymore... o_O-
-I can't see it on any of your flists either. The hell?-
Huzzah, fixed! I am amazing!

Tell me something.
Ask me something.

(you have to actively choose anonymous. Just sayin')

Have some music to entice you (and iTunes will play/convert these for you):
Sister Soleil:
Lust 2.7MB.wma
Red 2.6MB.wma
(right click the link - save as)

FLOGGING MOLLY - Irish Drinking Song Lyrics

i stumbled in at 2am all drunk
and full of smoke
my wife said "i've had enough"
that's it, i'm sick, get out!"
so i stumbled down to kelly's pub
across the edge of town
and i told the boys me story
and we had another round

and we'll drink and drink and drink
and drink and drink and drink and
fight-yeah! [2x]
and if i see a pretty girl
i'll sleep with her tonight
i'll drink and drink and drink and
drink and drink and drink and fight....

and mary McGregor
well she was a pretty whore
she'd always greet you with a smile
and never lock her door
but on the day she died
all the men in town did weep
for mary McGregor finally got some sleep

well i once loved a girl
a child i'm told
i gave her my heart
and she gave me a cold
so now i sit standing
out in the pouring rain
i'll stumble back to kelly's pub
and cry away me pain
Tags: meme, secrets
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