The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

ITEM! - Bush speaks, Russ Feingold whines and China eats Canada('s oil)

Bush: Freedom requires cockups Sacrifice
Honestly? I'm getting sick of people constantly asking about the Iraqi war. Sure, I think it's ridiculous, but if Bush has proved one thing these last 6 bajillion years it's that he sticks to his guns - which I have to admit is admirable. He's not going to end the war anytime soon.

On the same token, I &hearts Russ Feingold. He keeps pushing the issue (which I realize I just stated earlier as disliking) but he's offering solutions rather than just bitching *cough Cindy[this link is a silly OP/ED piece] Sheehan[this link is just silly] cough*. Though he's only half heartedly denied his potential bid for president, I think he may try. But I don't think he can win at the moment. He's angering too many people and he's not southern.

And lastly, China won't be deterred they want an oil company, damn it. No UnoCal? Sure, go buy a Canadian company. I hate to say, but that may offer inlets to buy an American oil company. I bet it that cost a pretty penny; it probably means less oil coming into Canada and going to fuel China's ridiculously booming economy. Or dirty bombs.. dirty, dirty bombs.
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