The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Killing time

Twisting in the wind

I have an hour until a class and I'm waiting to install a version of our software. Time for a "State of the Will Address."

I'm sore, tired, wishing I'd drink some coffee, content, giggly adn excited - most at the same time. Life is splendid. The only negatives are the same negaives. Last bit of weight won't shed. I was hoping to be trim for trips to Vegas adn Seattle, impressing many of the people I'll be seeing. And as much as I'd like to drop twenty percent of my body weight by September, I think I'd have a stroke. No one wants that.... I've contented myself with aetrix9's advice. I do about twenty minutes of kickboxing, medium intensity - I tried hard but my asthma tried to kill me. 30 minutes on the tread mill, 12% grade at 3.8mph and then half the weight machines in the building (followed by the other half the next day) all at about 20 lbs less than before to increase reps. I'm quite sore after just two days, but I feel good. On top of that I've cut down on carbohydrates and increased protein and vegetable intake (I'm avoiding fat too) to help rebuild the muscles I'm destroying everyday. Hopefully it will ramp up my metabolism and burn some extra fat. We'll see how I look in two weeks.

The open relationship seems to be going well. The hardest part being taking those progressive steps with people. What I'm having trouble reconciling is that lady_fox facilitates these things when she's around me. She's my wingman of sorts. I just feel strange with my girlfriend rooting for me to be with other women. I hate to say it, though, that without her help I may not take the necessary steps. You see, I"m far too timid for my own good - which is probably making those of you on the sex filter chuckle to read - but starting new relationships is hard. I'm not what I'd call suave. What's worse is that I tend to revel in the little things out of defense against the fear of taking higher ground. While this leaves me content en milieu, it can easily get frustrating. I'm not down with that anymore. I am, in fact, allowed to do what I will and I so should. I hate to say, but in this instance I need to tip towards the selfish end.

Don't you hate whn I write in vagaries? :)

Work is fine. My boss doesn't want anything to do with me or my application. I've taken over nearly all the management functions besides handing out work. I'm not sure why I'm not doing that yet, but that's my boss' last vestigates of power over me. I think he likes to be in power but doesn't want to control, if that makes sense.
oh, install is done. Back to work.

I'm good. How 'bout you?

Edit: I like this image the more I see it.
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