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Sex and beer!

Lacking in decency, our hero dons his blogging ears.

I regret to inform you that only fifty percent of the items listed in the title have happened this evening. :) I like Bell's.

I also liked this evening. I'm really quite happy over everything that happened actually, which is pretty rare. Tonight is the kind of night that I'd want to write sappy poetry about goddesses and stars and rainbows had I neither common sense nor talent. Nights like this are rare when I find myself actually wanting to quote Shakespeare because I'm that far in the clouds. Sadly, I am far better at beating myself up - which I caught myself doing on the car ride home. But I caught myself before I reached a point of no return! That has never (seriously) happened before. I caught it early.

God, sounds like cancer. Anyway...

I ventured off tonight, risking limb and dignity, to the free concert on the Union Terrace. Pat McCurdy was playing a free concert tonight and the other girl invited a group of us out. It was lovely. Though I'm not much a fan of crowds, especially loud crowds, I'm quite amenable to good (read that as you wish) company and entertaining music. I should note, lest I forget fun details, I ran into assfingers as he was leaving. He got my attention as I was in the middle of sulking at the DDR machine for being dead. It was weird seeing someone in a very nice suit... and a hat that... crusty. Either way, one awkward conversation later, I can now say that I know him that much better. I have to say, dude, that Pat McCurdy is far from Jeff Foxworthy with a guitar. He's more like a less stupid Cedric The Entertainer, which is a step up in my book.

If you're not familiar ou can check his sight or go see him Tuesday nights somewhere on Regent St. I don't know where, though. He's writes silly and offensive songs, but not offensive in a Chris Rock sort of way. It's offensive in the old Irish stereotype sort of way. It was fun. I did more dancing and far more sing than is decent for a first time McCurdy-goer. However, I was egged on by my friends and the very fuzzy crowd - the Union sells a whole lot of beer of which we bought to pitchers for three people. There's little else to talk of regarding the concert. Damn good fun was had by all.

Afterward (and over the course of the concert), Severian and... I have not a name for the girl aetrix9 here... and I sat and chatted. As things tend to happen with this particular crowd, girl got flirty. I, being the kindly gentleman I am flirted the hell back. As expected, Severian got a little sulky and competitive. See, he really like The Girl and has figured out that I'm interested as well. Thing is, he has built this emotional bubble wrap around all three of us where if any of us act on any impulses, he gets sad(der) and we get sad. What's fucked up that literally any sort of gratifying behavior anywhere in the group leads to the same conclusion. It's impressive and it's fucking annoying. I must admit that I think I'm only aware of it because I did the same things in high school, which is probably why I had two dates in four years.... this is tertiary to anything and shall be categorized as My Fucked Up Psychology and shall be discussed as the future warrants.

The good thing about being aware of this interaction is that I can manipulate it - it's not as bad as it sounds. We had decided to go to Greenbush Bakery because that's the proper thing to do at midnight:30 when your sobering up. I have no idea how to get there and needed directions. The Girl aetrix9 was drunk and not driving her vehicle so Sev was. Thus, she could go with me or I could follow them. Now, it was very, very obvious that Sev did want her to ride with me (to me at least, not sure 'bout her) but was never going to admit that. He wanted her to choose a side, I knew the game. I called the shots knowing he'd not contradict it. She rode with me. By the way, I FINALLY know how to get to Greenbush now.

During the ride there and the subsequent right to her place (same situation as before, more me put-foot-down-ness) all cards were put on the table. We now both know the other is quite interested, willing and able, except for this whole morass emanating from Sevarian. This, mind you, is why tonight was perfect. Release. Not that way.

Just knowing that she's interested is gratifying. I was starting to (sort of) requestion my self-image as I tend to do when I'm thinking too much. But AHA! A triumph. I am appealing! And let me just say that it is quite nice to have someone with two x chromosomes hitting on me. I'm not much for the cock, as I ended up yelling in the street at some point tonight.

I wish to sing (more) and dance (more). I want to write silly poetry with the words "loins"!

More than that I caught myself looking at the stars and being content twice tonight. It's my way of recognizing the timing. Had I acted out before I doubt it would have worked out as it did. I mean, clearly there is much mountain to climb - or bubble wrap to pierce as my metaphor has been - but I'm content in knowing wat I know.

Its powerful, you know? Having a night like tonight, having my ego stroked ever so slightly. I find I'm actually curious to see where things go now that I'm fully aware of the game.

I've never been aware before.
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