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I think I'll call him George and keep him in this box.
I dreamt I was haunted by a large demon with razor claws and wild eyes. It was odd, iritating; the dream, that is. The monster/demon/beast was frightening adn pale, a glorious odd to gothic culture In the light, of course, he seems far less frightening. But when you wake up in cold sweats everything holds fear.

I felt like I was a puppet to it even though I had no stings. I ran everywhere it wanted, I was herded adn corraled. Escape routes vanished jut as I reached them. Mazes compunded, visibility shrouded, hope occluded - my word was obfuscated in a dark adn weeping night. It chased me through a cell shaded forest with dozens of wild eyes watching through the thick. He never did catch me, though I don't think tht was his intention. It was telling me that I am not always in control. The vagaries of existence are meeted out by oppressive beasts with talons as tall as the sky. That was what the dream was about, no control, fear of the unknown puppet master. I was to be humbled in the dream, to bend low and reattach strings lost in a thicket of self-actuailzation. This monster, my captor and God.


stolen from djtatsu
The Chariot Card
You are the Chariot card. The Chariot has the
energy to succeed. Their ambition and drive
leads them into competition, and they often
come out the victor. The fast-paced energy of
the chariot is met with the ability to control
and lead. The Charioteer's leadership is not
authoritarian but rather an attempt to bring
their team to victory. The Charioteer can be
obedient to those who have proven themselves in
a position of leadership. Physical prowess and
activity are important to the meaning of this
card. Travel is found here as a journey of
personal growth. Moving from one point to
another in attempt to find a better place may
be taken both literally and as a metaphor for
the inner self. Image from: Dorothy Simpson

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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