The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


The tethered posture of a domesticated savior:
.soak Wash Wash Wash dry.
From the washboard, a sheild heavily tarnished
by afterbirth that rolls in dirt, snot and distant laughter.
.soak Wash Wash Wash dry.
Soak soak, the longer it stays
the easier the stains come out.
.soak soak soak Wash Wash.
Dry like not dancing in the rain.
Stay down, it's still dirty.
.soak soak soak soak soak.
Like a little box of laundry
unweighted by stone,
bourne up a stubby, wooden chair to hang
our blood on linenlines.
It's only a diminutive snap back down to
.Dry Dry Dry.

Inspired by the image above

I have a sudden urge to fire dance.
Tags: art-poetry, poi
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