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blah blah blah - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
blah blah blah
In other news, tags can only be 40 characters long.

More of the same. Lunch has managed to be completely devoid of flavor. I didn't realize one could make pasta, pasta sauce and salad dressing that had no flavor. Go figure hospital catering to figure this out. Large brains on them.

I was making progress on a problem this morning until I hit another "important person X is not in the office" snag. Too many of these have happened of late. I want to squirrel myself away and read.

Two of the people here are shoveling the food into their mouths with little regard for the welfare of their workstations.

I've been good today. Banana and half a bagel for breakfast. No cream cheese.
I will not eat cookies.

I'm watching my work pile up in my queue, unable to effectively work on it from here

God, I just bored myself to death.


Chicken wings

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