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Onto the meme bandwagon cuz no one hopped on mine - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Onto the meme bandwagon cuz no one hopped on mine
Fictional character sex, eh? In no particular order...

1: San, adopted daughter of Moro from Princess Mononoke
-Feral chicks are hot.

2: Aeris from FFVII
-Gotta love girls with Magic and Tifa's breasts are just too big.

3: Sailor Mercury
-Blue anime hair, hell yeah.

4: Buffy
-Martial arts, vampires, flexibility.

5: YT from Snow Crash

6: Harley Quinn from Batman comics
-only clown that doesn't freak me out

7: Julie Winters from The Maxx
-Dude, come on?

8: Lain
-Super computer geek plus she can bend reality at will, damn skippy.

9: Ellie from Contact, the book not the movie
-Far less whiney and significant smarter in the book.

10: The Mute Chick from The Name of the Rose book, not movie
-She was an amazing temptress that didn't have to try hard at all to corrupt a monk.

It's creepy to think that I did this while I'm sitting in the library, next to a stack of books on Syphilis. Damn you Bio 201!
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