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So, normal people spend days reading in coffee shops. This seems too well played for the sort of person I am. I don't enjoy going with the crowd, with some very notable exceptions. However, when contemplating where to continue reading HP6 (I did start last night) I decided coffee shops were not proper for this particular person. Instead I find myself at J.T Whitneys drinking a damn good porter, it tastes faintly of toffee (I can't taste the chocolate). I think this place with it's completely gratis wireless the idea location to hang and read.

I'm about 100 pages in and already I'm hooked. The story didn't wait to get started given that the last book ended on about sixteen cliffhangers. This pleases me. I'm quite excited over it, more than I thought I would be.

I'd like to thank alaman, lerite, and lex_of_green for hanging in line with me. That made last night for more fun than it otherwise would have been. I apologize for some of the awkwardness. I'm not good and relating to the three of you just yet as we've not really spent that much time together. Regardless, that was fun. :)

I looked at my 13th HP blog entry this morning. I don't recognize myself in that picture. My face is... well. It looks thin. I have angles and such, to the point that the person in that image is not the person I see myself as. It's nuts. I picture myself as I was in my old "smirk" icon. You know, red hat, round face with long, black hair. It's realy odd to see how much different I look now compared to what I looked like then. Gosh, my original smirk icon is over four years old. That's 40-50 pouns ago, people. Do you understand how dramatic a change that is? That's equvalent to like equivalent to the weight of an average 7 year-old child. That's the size of my nephew.

Needless to say I've been reevauating my self image which is behind the times. While I'm not comfortable with my body when my shirt is off, I look damn good otherwise. I have to start remembering these sorts of things and build the confidence I deserve.

I don't want to continue talking about this stuff. It bores even me. I've been harping the subject.

I'm going to enjoy my beer, my book and free wireless. Feel free to join me if you're bored. I'll be here for a while getting more and more drunk of Harry Potter. :) JT Whitneys is on the corner-ish of Whitney and Odana. In Whitney Square.
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