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Recycled meme

Ok, what you do is go into your user info to your intesres. You then list all the interests you have that aren't shared (they aren't links) and explain what they mean.

My list:

Ba Gwa Mirrors
-These are the mirrors on my window. Traditionally, oriental parents will place three on the window sill of a new baby's room, especially a baby boy's room because they were more valuable. The mirrors ward off angry and dangerous spirits. My first set were given to my mother, but I only had two - one of which was very faded because she had it in Phoenix. My current set was completed by my lovely, and very thoughtful lady_fox

Boffer Key Blades
-I helped Robin design a boffer key blade last semester. I liked the one she made so much that a few days later I produced one based off the Metal Chocobo from Kingdom Hearts, it has a Cactuar on it. Hell yeah, cactuar.

Broken stained glass
-Part of my really likes stained glass windows. Part of me really, really, really likes the chaos of colors that a broken stained glass window would make as it fell with a glorious crescendo to my feet....

-Suffice it to say that Ian, Nathan and myself can be really creative when we need to. We were discussing ethics and animal testing. It ended up with us shoving brains into a monkey, giving it a cart and keeping him as the BSFFA pet.

Strings like elephants
-Phrase my character in rilasciare's 7th Sea game when a pile of too-good-to-be-true stuff fell into our laps. I was playing a legendary scottish fry chef... He carried a frying pan instead of a claymore.

Goomba Frisbees
-I got a spiffy frisbee from Hot Topic with the phrase "You Lose" and a goomba on it. It Roks.

Ninja Turtle Pies
-These were damn tastey pies that used to exist at any local 7-11. They were creamy and sweet adn so much fun for a dollar, they came with TMNT stickers. I used to go out ever Sunday when I got my allowance to buy a comic book, soda and sweet treat.

-Lakota word for Great Spirit. A better translation is "Grandfather."

-Norse world for "wolf."
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