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To the right you shall see one of te most beautiful things that nature provvides. What makes this particularly interesting is that you can, in fact, see the end of the rainbow. Because of the angle on out balcony, the rainbow hits ground. It's kind of hard to make out because the camera is crappy but the hues of the brass and street are off. It's very interesting to see trucks driving through it on the road. :) However, this is not all. It was a double rainbow too. We could even see the other side, which we risked doom to show you.

Things like tis make me forget that global warming is accelerating and for the third year in a row, the Pacific upswell isn't happening. I love what nature we do still have.

I want to know what I can do to help.

On to the mundane.

I want to customize the hell out of my lj, the S2 documentation is gobbldy gook. Anyone know of something for a beginner? I'm assuming knowing HTML and a bit about CSS is only going to be moderately helpful.

The lj people are mean. They seem to assume a great familarity with the S1 style customization in all their documentation. And the links are confusing, I keep getting led to areas i don't want with a wayward click like all the LJ merch. It's not like I (buy my stuff) tell you to (buy my stuff) buy my t-shirts constan(buy my stuff)tly. However, it reminded me that I can get more icon space. :) Boo for another year o' Lj + Tshirt + icon space (buy my stuff)= $50. Boo!

Perhaps the pot of gold waiting for me will solve my desires and keep me in paid accounts 'til the world implodes.

Today was pretty dull at work. I'm the only person on my team in the office today and tomorrow. Hopefully nothing explodes.
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