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Open art.

To the right you will see what I amcurrently painting. It has to be on of the weirdest things I've done in a while. I haen't the fogiest what it may mean. All I know is that it look like something J.M. Basquiat would do, minus the drug induced hallucinations. It's very abstract. But, I've hit a point where I'm not sure what else to do with it, so I figured I'd take a break rather than burn myself out on it. Actual dimnsions, 5 ft by 5 ft.

I've started to play around with different brush dynamics in photoshop which, up to this point, have scared me. However, I'm not learning ow to more closely emulate real paint strokes. What drives me nuts though is that I can rotate the brush as easily were I doing this in real life. I'm kinda surprised that Wacom hasn't developed a rotate-able brush for PCs yet. I mean, they developed an digital airbrush for crying out loud. You'd think they could figure out a sense that tells which way a brush is facing. One can dream, right? Of course, I could aways, you know, actually paint. Given the number of mistakes I make when drawing just a straight line, though, I think real painting would drive me nuts. I'll have to deal with the slower process and the lost texture - which is probably the worst part of digital art.

Regardless, I'm learning to come inpt things. I don't have my own style yet so I'm trying the emulation thing that most artists do when they're 5 years old. Eventually I'll find what I like to make as influenced by some of my favorites. What do you get when you mix impressionists, expressionist and dadaists? Well see, I suppose as my favorite artists are within those periods/styles. Never liked anything real. Always seemed less like art and less personal. When it's expressionist, the viewer brings so much more to the piece. Why would I want to forclose interpretation with reality? What would we miss?

So, I am official stating now that lady_fox and I are in the midst of an open relationship. I've talked with a few of you about this, but in jilted rants and quasi-self pitying tirades. I figure tis is going to be much of what I think about for a while, so it seems better to put you all on the same level. Thanks to nathan_lounge, beloitst, conanmagruder and moocowrich for being helpful and supportive when I needed it. Suffice it to say, I feel far better today and yesterday after having ranted like hell in various spaces. Catharsis is nice.

lady_fox and I talked last night and all is well. I find it weird but delightful to be able to talk to her about other women in whom I am interested. It's like being able to cruise chicks at a bar with a wingman. I have some one close to me pulling. We're feeling better about the whole thing.

Now I've had a new idea. Back to photoshop.

Poe says, "Hi!"

Oh yeah, and Batman Begins was really good. But Christian Bale needs to learn to close his fucking mouth. Tere are a number of good scenes ruinied because he is slack jawed. Why does this man have to look like an idiot?
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