September 28th, 2010

Cthulhu Joyce


Altkilt Gary 15, originally uploaded by abmann_shoots.

I snapped a few headshots for the model on Saturday. He agreed to take payment in photographs so I figured that getting a few non-shoot-specific photos was only fair. Dude has a great smile and, in some of the shots, wicked blue eyes.

Have I told you that I'm having a gallery show this weekend?
I did? Great! Well, the opening reception is at the Overture Center starting a 7pm on this Friday!. You should join me and alyska and various other artists to oogle the art and laugh at how much we charge you to buy our stuff.

There's a cash bar too, you drunks. :D

I'll be exhibiting at Pointy Kitty, which is right next to Smokey Jon's on the east side. I'll have a few prints up and for sale as well as my portfolio churning on my iPad and, likely, will be wearing bunny ears.

Come say Hi and bring your wealthly uncles!

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Always drunk

Help me with your awesome/hilarity/awesomlarity.

People! I know these two And a half facts:
1: some of you are awesome!
2: some of you are hilarious!
3: some of you are both

I need some of you awesome and/or hilarity and/or both.

You've seen my site, yes? Well, my flavor text is dull and I need a better description of myself and my work. So! I'm putting it to you!

You should write me a little blurb about me. My only requirement be that it contain "nostalgia fabricator" in it. Otherwise, have some fun! Add your flavor text in comment below and we'll all vote for the best one on Friday.

How many exclamation points did I use there? Geez....