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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
La Marzocco introduces The Strada - an espresso machine with profilable pressure curves.
La Marzocco Global Release blog post.
Oh.. I wants it. I'll never need to sleep again....

Speaking of sleep, I didn't last night. Not really. Maybe a few twenty minute blocks between 3 and 6 am.
But I can't guarantee it.

I do know that Poe guards me when I sleep when Fox is out of town.

Coffee? Did some one say something about coffee? I read that La Marzocco introduced a new machine that lets you profile your pressure:

This is so cool. I wants it....

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The Western States 100 race is this weekend.
Well... get on it, huh?

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Current Music: Cat Power - Red Apples

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Really, if you have an iPhone and don't have Words with Friends [iTunes], you should rectify it.
I'm playing games with friends I've not seen in years. You can walk away whenever, hold 20 games open, play between meetings...

Really quite fun. Post your user name!
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