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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist

Feeling it in my legs today. Little sore, actually more sore than after last week's 7 milers. It was, though, a really satisfying run at a half mile per hour than my usual pace. I'm not convinced that it's quite fast enough to be a proper "6-7 of the intensity scale".

What the hell does that mean? I suppose during it I felt like I could run faster but for an unknown length. As I crept up, I started wondering if I was going too fast to run straight for 5k. Ultimately I did and walked an extra mile with warm up and cool down.

I think what I want is the intesity descriptions to be in terms of tiredness post run. 10k at that pace is a different animal entirely.

Otherwise, I spent last night watching Star Trek.
I know. I'm awesome.

Also: this is what our back yard does in Spring, apparently.
Uh... Hello Bluebells.

Lastly: totally raided iBooks store for tons of free poetry books. Yay!

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People have asked a couple times tis week, "Are those your business casual toe shoes."
"Yes. They're sleeker and shinier than my dailies"

Dress Toes
They don't seem to like that answer.

Twice I have now spilled coffee on myself. In. The same. Spot.

Current Mood: hungry hungry
Current Music: Architecture In Helsinki - Feather In a Baseball Cap

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