April 22nd, 2010

Can't take the sky from me.

Take the beat back

Pursuant to yesterday's 365 photo post, I am feelng good today. Not really sore, not really achey. This is the benefit or running sssllllloooooowwwwwwlllllyyyy, like a hippo, in that you aren't as sore the next day. I suppose we could debate the relatively effectiveness or potential gain, cardiovascular or otherwise, from running like a maimed three-toed sloth, but lack of soreness is clearly a very good one. I would propse, were I an expert in evolutionary biomechanics, that running slowly produces little next-day soreness is excellent for pre-Twinkie era man insofar as this allows for further ability to run down food if the previous night's attempts were unsuccessfull. Some amount of research shows that slow running is really how we evolved in order to run down food on the planes. You don't need to outrun your dinner but outlast it in the heat, which we can do because we sweat.

I have an idle fantasy of doing this one day, mind you. But you really need at minimum three people in order to keep your quarry away from the pack and constantly in motion.

Also, running with RJDJ playing is brilliant. Now, when multitasking arrives, I can listen to it AND track my run (and molest the iPhone battery).

Anyway, I feel good-but-tired because my doctor has vanished and hasn't refilled my decongestant and thus, I didn't sleep so well last night.

Allergies are jerks.

I had some other thing I wanted to mention but I've lost it so here's a picture of Electra eating cabbage:
Cabbage Cat

I am listening to my Architecture in Helsinki/Of Montreal mashup playlist. Weird....

Lastly: I will NOT use my tax refund to buy an Olympus PEN. NOT. >_<
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