April 18th, 2010

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An interesting phlogging session today. I set my camera to shoot monochrome to make it interesting and partially because I failed to find a single flower with yesterday's phlogging. Phlogabout. Photabout?

Suffice that shoot with total disregard for color is really cool. Especially when I got the shots into Aperture and learned that it ignores the monochrome layer that my camera adds to the RAW file. At first, I was annoyed and blanket applied a monochrome filter before I edited them.

Then, after applying my typical adjustments I removed the monochrome layers. And it was revelation. Well, not really but it was nifty to see how a focus on form can make for a good photo. Color is almost, almost, unnecessary but it certainly can add that extra kick in the pants to even the most mundane subject.

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ETA: I have a powerful yen to write poetry. Hunger, thirst desire, lust.
Uh oh.