April 16th, 2010

Cthulhu Joyce

Dirty Window

Dirty Window, originally uploaded by ABMann.[Twitter|LiveJournal]
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    Just a few things today
  • Boston Marathon is on Monday.
      In order to qualify in my age group, one must run another marathon in 3:10:00.
  • I can barely complete 5 miles right now. Lametoast.
  • Have the house to myself this weekend as Fox is OOO until late Sunday.
      Empty bed too. :(
  • What to do with an empty weekend? Crazy.
  • I'm still only vaguely working on the $6 million project. So many things keep taking my time and its huge-ness is daunting.
  • I find the weather uplifting.
  • I find a date on Saturday exciting.
  • I find Lincoln as a vampire hunter fantastic.
  • I feel bad that I'm a little bored reading some David Foster Wallace (The Broom of the System).
  • Captcha My Heart (Captcha security phrase poetry). Have I linked this yet?
  • The Great Consumer Photography Book Printing Comparison

What are you doing this weekend, LJ? Shall we get together for some fun stuffs? :D