February 6th, 2010

Cthulhu Joyce

Out There is Desolation, Out There are Broken Dreams

Out There is Desolation, Out There are Broken Dreams  2010.37

It's so cold out there and so covered in snow. I would like to go clean up the yard, clear broken branches, resurface the deck but I'll die of hypothermia in six seconds if I do.

I replaced my tripod, the previous broke during the move. One of the joint latches snapped out of the plastic so I could no longer lock it down. The new one is far more heavy duty, solid. I think it will last longer than the previous though I'm sad it weighs thrice the previous and isn't quite as compact.
Cthulhu Joyce


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Oh, today has been nice. Got up at 8:30. Cleaned all the cat boxes - dumping the litter, scrubbing them out, refilling - and polished the floors between loads of laundry. I think I went out twice today: once to set up the photo posted earlier, and once to get a mess of beans for brownies tonight.

I never really expected that polishing floors would be so satisfying. There's something so pleasing about the sheen, slowly building, as I scoot across the floor. And the faint smell of orange is wonderful.

Then there are the cats. Polishing wood floors makes them even more slick and watching them try to chase each other is hilarious Poe, in fact, failed to jump up on the window sill properly the first time and jumped into the wall.


My life may not be so exciting these days with too much work, lots of self-involved portraiture and a little too much wine but she is mine. And I'm rather liking her overall.

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