December 28th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Steal shit from woodland creatures

I haven't done any video game geekery in a while. Nothing very interesting since Fallout 3.
but! I loves me some Final Fantasy.
What if the music had lyrics:

Can the west Cosplay with the best of them? - people in the comments have some pretty great American cosplayer examples. Article includes a brief history of Cosplay and it started with Star Trek, bitches!
The first 15 hours with FFXIII - actually kinda interested in this one. XII was so bad....
Aaaand.. Eau de Chocobo....
cat - What the shit

Chicken Hat!!

Chicken Hat!
I used to hate these things but, as with most things that are hideous in a kitschy way [is that like the definition of "hipster" or what?], I love these hats now. My grandmother either bought or made them for my dad and uncle. My Dad never wore them very much so I brought them home with me yesterday.

The one last night had a little pillow stuffed in it to keep the... um. huh. Keep the chicken up.... Yeah.

What's worse? A floppy chicken hat or explaining why your chicken is so perky?