December 17th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

Stature in a Sea of Flame

I'm missing the warm weather today. Why, exactly, does anyone live in Wisconsin? How did I get here?

Exhausted today.

Walgreens can't count and didn't refill my prescriptions quickly enough; no decongestant yseterday. Though, I actually was breathing fine most of the night - maybe. Exhaustion could be due to this, in some part.

I've been counting calories and reducing my processed flour and sugar intake today. Exhaustion could be from this partly too. Sugar withdrawal could explain the headache. On the plus, the pastries at the coffee shop on campus looked terrible.

Say something funny, LJ!

Lastly, you best hope I don't become phenomenally wealthy.

Last lastly, MS Surface + D&D = AWESOME. Rock on Carnegie Mellon geeks.