December 14th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

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    I hate feeling like I haven't enough time for anything!
  1. Frontera Grill makes an Autumnal Margarita and it was one of the best cocktails I've ever stolen from lady_fox.
  2. Dinner was just fantastic. The ceviche was incredible and the mole smoky and faintly sweet.
  3. What really impressed me was how nigh every dish was spicy but in such a subtle way that it did not overwhelm anything else in the dish nor did it compound into discomfort by the end.
  4. We didn't get to have dessert because of slow service.
  5. It was worth it to get to Banana Shpeel on time.
  6. Cirque Du Soleil does vaudeville quite well.
  7. My father is markedly different as is the house since he got his job rehired pretty much through his retirement date.
  8. We got plowed in twice yesterday. Such huge piles of snow.
  9. No snow blower yet as we had a semi-emergent pet visit when Electra fell off one of the cat trees.
  10. No breaks or fractures, just some nasty bruises.
Lastly, Ginger made a break for the back yard when we tossed Poe outside for whining to go out again. Ginger immediately darted inside again after touching the snow; and then she hid by the couch.

People, I have a question; what motivates you?