December 9th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

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I'm feeling surprisingly productive right now. Pretty snow. Comfy couch. Excellent classical music.
Yeah, let's do this, snow day.

'Course, the VPN connection is slllooowww as many, many people are using it.

But something about this weather makes me want to bake cookies.
Cthulhu Joyce

How to Deal With Annoying Cats in Wisconsin

Gosh, I have such an annoying cat. I wish I could have some fun AND shut her up at the same time.

Ominous Voiceover:
When you have an annoying cat, Take Heart! There are many ways to deal with these creatures in humane(ish) and hilarious ways!

Really, Ominous Voiceover?

Do you live in Wisconsin?

Boy, I sure do, Ominous Voiceover!

Did it just snow a fuck ton on your back yard?

Heck yeah, it did! But I don't like that sort of lan..Well, follow these three god damned easy steps and you'll get exactly what you need, jackass.
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