November 11th, 2009

spn - I wish I could quit you

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I was wakened at 3am to the elephant smokers going from bathroom to bedroom to kitchen to bedroom. I was about to be annoyed...
Then I thought that I have only 3 more nights with them.

Maybe I'll miss them. I'll apply liberal amounts of "we'll have a beautiful friggin' deck" balm to survive.

It'll be tough... but I think I'll make.
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Cthulhu Joyce

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I have a name for my house/apartment/hovel. Example: "Awesome Manor" or "Stupefaction Place"

No. But I sure as hell am gonna make name it now.
No. And I think you're weird for considering it.

I call it....

Were you to name you house/apartment/hovel, how would you go about it?

Use the street name to designate.
Pick a thematic element in the decor.
Choose an identifying feature in my life to designate the space.
Just throw a bunch of cool words together. Like "Golgi Complex" which is also a great pun.
Um... what?

Name my house.