October 5th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

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    A few things:
  1. We locked in our mortgage rate.
    • We signed the documents in a parking lot. Our loan officer agreed that it was delightfully shady.
  2. We will have Thanksgiving this year in the house. :D
  3. We will also have lady_fox's first 30th birthday in our house!
  4. I managed to panic myself thinking about various unknowns on the place...
    • Namely the water bill and subletting our apartment. The former isn't really a big deal but the latter worries me thoroughly.
  5. We reviewed dozens of retro styles online in preparation for potential changes to the kitchen.
  6. Brunch at the Orpheum randomly on Sunday was great.
That's all I got. Inspection is on Wednesday. That should be interesting.
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