September 14th, 2009

Cthulhu Joyce

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I've been feeling blah on photography lately. Not much desire to do much though I'm enjoying the SX-70 a lot. Maybe I just need some time with film. Indeed, I loaded redscale film into my SuperSampler for the race yesterday along with more Polaroid packs. Something about the mystery helps.

Plus, HP FINALLY added Mac scanner software to their website so I can scan photos. Which saves me a surprising amount of money from the Camera Company who charges multiple tens of dollars to scan photos, even at low quality.
All of this, you know, just when Snow Leopard negates it so I have unnecessary HP software on my mac. :)

Still. I need to scan some old film shots. I know I have some fun shots from winter last year.
Maybe a film photo walk? Maybe just a little film for myself. It's like a drug.

Stop main-lining my film!

NO! You got to hell! You got to hell you DIE!
I'm just tying off with the negatives.

But if you inject all of my film, I can't share with the rest of the class.

What did class ever do for me?
Are you going to hand me the syringe or not?

Shit, now I need to find a new drug.


Mean: 2.33 Median: 2.5 Std. Dev 0.75